Tax Planning

Did you know that 92% of all Americans fail to take advantage of substantial tax deductions?  Even if you have a simple return, tax planning can reduce your tax bite.  Tax planning should be a long-term, year-round process.  Many strategies overlooked during the tax year cannot be salvaged in the waning days of December, or when you’re hunched over your return in April.  Decisions you make today can affect your tax bill next year and beyond.

Life events can also alter your overall financial picture and often your tax consequences.  Children are born, people change jobs or receieve promotions, marriages and divorces occur, parents die, investments succeed and fail.  Tax laws change nearly every year and can have a profound effect on tax planning.  You need to work with someone who keeps abreast of these changes.

A carefully planned and implemented tax strategy can save you thousands of dollars over the years. Money saved by reducing your taxes can be directed towards your personal goals and objectives.