President Obama returns to an idea he introduced in 2012. Provided by Alterra Wealth Management What if corporate taxes were 7% lower? Specifically, what if the corporate tax rate was reset to 28%, 25% for manufacturing companies? As a tradeoff for this tax cut, what if multinational corporations based in the U.S. paid a one-time.. read more →

The Supreme Court decision has brought significant change. Provided by Alterra Wealth Management When the Supreme Court voted to repeal Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on June 26, it opened financial doors previously closed to same-sex couples. Unfortunately, not all of these doors may open in certain states. A major complication.. read more →

04 Jan 2013
January 4, 2013

The Fiscal Cliff Deal & Your Taxes

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What will change (and won’t change) as a result of the new legislation. Several tax hikes, some tax breaks. Now that the fiscal cliff deal assembled in Congress is becoming law, it is time to look at some of the tax law changes that will result. Here are the major details in the bill, which.. read more →

01 Jan 2013
January 1, 2013

Bad Money Habits to Break in 2013

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Behaviors worth changing for the New Year.      Do bad money habits constrain your financial progress? Many people fall into the same financial behavior patterns year after year. If you sometimes succumb to these financial tendencies, the New Year is as good an occasion as any to alter your behavior. #1: Lending money to family &.. read more →

26 Dec 2012
December 26, 2012

What If We Do Go Off The Cliff?

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 Will the economic stress be as severe as many assume?   What are the chances of a fiscal cliff deal? Every day seems to bring a new assessment from the media. As Christmas approaches, little progress has been made and the Senate is poised for a holiday recess ending December 27. If a deal isn’t reached,.. read more →

For the small-business owner, attracting and retaining valuable employees can be a daunting challenge. One way to make working for your business more attractive to current and potential employees alike is to implement a qualified retirement plan for you and your employees. Besides greater appeal to your workers, qualified plans can also provide you with.. read more →