17 Jun 2013
June 17, 2013

Weekly Economic Update 6-17-13

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11 Jun 2013
June 11, 2013

Weekly economic Update 6-10-13

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07 Jun 2013
June 7, 2013

Understanding the Markets

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What the acronyms signify & what affects investors.  Provided by Alterra Wealth Management Dow. NASDAQ. S&P 500. Fear index. NYSE. Commodity prices. Earnings. Economic indicators. These are the gauges and signposts of investing, but if you stopped most people on the street, you’ll find they have only a hazy understanding of what these terms signify.. read more →

06 Jun 2013
June 6, 2013

Monthly Economic Update

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There is no simple answer, but consider some factors.  Provided by Alterra Wealth Management You save for retirement with the expectation that at some point, you will have enough savings to walk confidently away from the office and into the next phase of life. So how do you know if you have reached that point?.. read more →